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The past three days saw the completion of my summer ballet masterclasses in which  I took two groups of 8 – 11 year olds and one group of 12 plus year olds over three days.  I wanted to provide dancers from my local area, South Yorkshire in England, the opportunity to see what I’ve learned in Moscow and give them an experience of Russian-style ballet training.

The whole experience has been really rewarding with everyone that attended working so hard and putting so much energy and effort into their training.  Plus, it was lovely to work with my very first dancing school, Fearons Middleton School of Dance, and train over 50 students in the Russian technique.

The masterclasses consisted of a ballet class, Russian-style ballet gymnastics, repertoire and make up class.  I was particularly keen to instil the fundamentals of Russian ballet technique: expression and turnout, while building core strength and flexibility with a range of ballet gymnastics’ exercises (see my previous post here).

There are photos from each of the days and film clips below. For those that attended on the first day where we ran out of time to do the make up class, there is also a film of the make up demonstration on the second day 🙂

Look North also filmed the first masterclass – their film is here:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

All the dancers from each of the three days:

Here’s video clip of the older group:

And the make up demonstration:

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  1. Good morning Tala – what an inspiration you must have been to these little ones – I was hoping you would be doing an end of class production – or is that too soon yet? Well done xx

    1. Hi thanks, Jenn – maybe I can squeeze the production in next time 😉 The girls were lovely – it was really good experience for me though I need a bit of a rest now before I head off for some training for me on Sunday – I’m in Prague for two weeks! xxx

  2. Hello, Tala –
    A friend recommended that I read about your adventures at the Bolshoi. My daughter received an invite this week, and we are attempting to make that big decision! She most likely will start a bit later so we can coordinate things (online schooling, etc). Can you tell me what the schedule is for the year? When do you start classes (Sept?), when and how long are holiday breaks, and when does the program end (beginning or end of June?). There are so many details, but your description and photos really do help!!

    1. Hi
      Well done to your daughter – I’m glad my blog has been of help!
      The year always starts on the 1st September with a short opening ceremony (its tradition for graduating students to hand over their pointe shoes to the 1st year girls in the lower school as part of this ceremony). Classes start on the 2nd September. We have two holiday breaks – the first at Christmas and New Year. This is based around the Orthodox Christmas Day which is 7th January so this year the two week break is likely to fall 28th December to 10th January. Those of us who celebrate Christmas Day on the 25th December generally leave early – I have flown home on the 21/22 December each of the three years I’ve been here and will do so again this year.
      The summer break starts officially at the end of June although exams at the end of May/ beginning of June usually mean people are able to go home once they have completed them. The exam dates are different for each year and don’t get sorted until about May so it’s difficult to predict when you will have completed them. I generally go home at the end of the 2nd or 3rd week of June.
      There are some bank holidays during the year which mean we get a couple of days off – although sometimes we do have classes on these days! This year it looks like November 4th (National Unity Day), 23 Feb (Defenders of Fatherland Day), 8 March (International Women’s Day – a big deal in Russia), 1, 2, 9 May (Spring and Labour day, Victory Day), 12, 13 June (Russia Day).
      And that’s it for holidays!
      I hope that helps – good luck with everything.
      Tala 🙂

      1. That is a great help! Thank you! We are looking at a start date in late January if the school allows it. I’m wondering how that affects one’s ability to successfully take the exams? Perhaps my daughter needs to take Russian classes now:).

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much about it as there are always students arriving at different points in the year and some staying for short periods alongside those that do the full year. I’m sure your daughter will catch up though any Russian-style training prior to January will be a help, of course 🙂

    1. Thank you! We appreciate your help. It has been a joy reading about your experiences. You are an inspiration to all!

    2. Hi, again!

      I never circled back with you to let you know we are arriving in Moscow on Jan 31. Perhaps I can say hello! Thank you again for your assistance. We have really enjoyed following your adventures, too!

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