Summer ballet training – video & photos

I’m loving my summer holidays so far – I’m enjoying doing everything that I miss so much whilst I’m in Moscow but of course I’m also keeping up with my training and continuing to maintain my fitness.

I’m going to the gym every day for an hour and half where I warm up, do a ballet barre and stretch (all based on the warm up that I do before every ballet class which you can see here).

I’ve also been training with my old teachers at Bristol Russian Ballet School to keep me up on the Russian style.  It might seem like a long way to go but it’s worth it; Chika and Yury work me really hard and are really knowledgeable giving me advice and corrections that I really respond to.

Training at Bristol Russian Ballet School

I spent four days in Bristol and had three hour classes each day which included rehearsing some variations I’ve been working on – Gulnare, from Le Corsaire, and 3rd Odalisque, also from Le Corsaire.  I particularly like these variations because Gulnare is musically and rhythmically very challenging whilst Odalisque enables me to practise my jumps and turns which are my areas for improvement.

Here also are some photos taken during the classes:

If you’d like to follow my career as a professional classical dancer, go over to my Instagram page here.  

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    1. Hello Jane – thank you! My Mum saw the Stockport production and loved it, particularly Yury as the wicked stepmother! I train with Yury and Chika when I am back in the summer and would love to do more but Bristol is quite a distance from Barnsley!! I am off to the Ballet Masterclasses in Prague now for couple of weeks before returning to Moscow – I’ll write all about it in my next post.

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