Second course modern exam 2014

Modern/ contemporary dance at the Bolshoi
With my modern teacher, Nika Sergeevna

December was a very busy month, starting with our modern exam which upon completion signals the end of our modern classes in the three year diploma course.

The modern exam consisted of some group exercises followed by a series of solos.  It’s uploaded in two parts below.

Nere’s solo is at 8:25 of the part 1 video;

Nastia’s solo is at the start of the part 2 video;

Carlota’s solo is at 2:45 of the part 2 video;

My solo is at 4:28 of the part 2 video;

Romana’s solo is at 6:20 of the part 2 video.


Tala Lee-Turton Bolshoi Ballet Academy modern class
Modern class


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  1. how interesting – I didnt realise that they took modern to such a level too. Of course they just do everything to such a superlative level. Very interesting and informative videos – thank you again for going to all the time and effort to share these unique experiences with us. It really is appreciated.

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