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Two dancers in black are intertwined - one is lifting the other and she has her arms stretched out.

PIA – in development

Pia is a semi-immersive live dance and music experience about an ageing female protagonist, grappling with her failing memory, her fading Barnsley heritage, and increasingly vivid dreams of astral transportation. 

The work is a collaboration between choreographer, Katya Bourvis, award winning composer, Hannah Peel and Tala Lee-Turton Productions. A first iteration of Pia will be shared at “Speaking of Dance – A Barnsley Dance Symposium” hosted by Tala Lee-Turton Productions, Barnsley Civic and BMBC on the 25th April 2024.


parler femme premiered on the 9th November 2023 at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre, Leeds. 


We sold out on the 11th November 2023 at The Playhouse, Sheffield Theatres 


We built a theatre and sold out on the 16th November 2023 at Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley





Two dancers in black are intertwined
Two dancers in black are intertwined - one is lifting the other and she has her arms stretched out.
Two dancers in black are intertwined - one is lifting the other and she is upside down.
A dance artist sits on the ground and looks intently at the camera - she has her hands either side if her on the floor as she looks forwards.
One dance artist kneels and another has her head in her lap with her body curled up.
A dance artist kneels on the floor and walks forward on her hands and knees looking sad.

Research and development shots by Camilla Greenwell

Five dancers expressing emotion and surprise.
Five dancers in rehearsals stand in a line intertwined and they hold out the arms of the middle dancer.
Five dancers in a line holding their hans over their ears.

Rehearsal images by Camilla Greenwell

Creative Team:

parler femme is produced by Tala Lee-Turton Productions, bringing together diverse collaborators from new talent in film and dance, and presenting dance across multiple disciplines.  The production features official selections at international film festivals, returning ACE funded work and the premiere of Here Lies, developed as part of a Genesis funded, residency at Yorkshire Dance in September 2022.

Act I: The Subject is Speaking

Chinese Laundry – Creative producer – Tala Lee-Turton, Director – Patricia Zhou

What Are We Doing – Director, Sophie Park, Katya Bourvis

Un-spoken words of a Heartist – Director, Nadine Baboy

Act II: Here Lies

Creative producer – Tala Lee-Turton

Choreographer – Krystal Lowe

Music artist – Roxanna Albayati

Dance artist – Tala Lee-Turton

Act III: No Time Like The Present

Creative producer – Tala Lee-Turton

Choreographers – Zhongjing Fang and Katya Bourvis 

Composer – Grace Stubbings

Dance artists – Winnie Dias, Sera Maehara, Lowri Shone, Patricia Langa, Tala Lee-Turton

Five animated dancers in brightly coloured catsuits pose, facing away from the camera; the middle dancer wears a pink wig.
An animated dancer wearing a pink wig looks intently at the camera
Five animated dancers leap away from the camera.

Animation stills by Ed Swales.

You can access the programme for parler femme here

This project is commissioned and funded by Barnsley Council’s Regeneration and Culture service, as part of their South Yorkshire Shared Prosperity Fund programme Culture at the Heart of Communities.

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