We are creating a community of support for dancers and dance lovers. 

We work with community groups and schools to engage people with our work and also offer coaching and support through Patreon.

We work with community groups and schools to engage people with ballet and contemporary dance through progammes integrated into our publicy funded productions. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.


We invite young dancers that we are connected with through PATREON to our company class when we are rehearsing our productions so they can experience first hand a day in the life of a professional dancer. Talk to us about how you can join us.


We invite our PATREON supporters to rehearsals and give you VIP tickets to our productions so that you can see what goes into a performance from all the creatives involved.


Negotiating your way through classical ballet training and the industry itself can be disorienting. Through Tala’s PATREON community, we provide insights and helpful tips that Tala has learned along the way in a sector where help is not always easy to find. Tala also provides content for dance lovers looking for interesting ways to work out or just get to know what life is really like as a creative producer and professional dancer.

Click on the images below to access PATREON benefits including:

40 minute online private ballet classes

Mentoring sessions for students and/ or parents

Personalised workout videos and messages

Hints and tips content

Instagram shout outs

Your role as a Patron added to Tala’s website

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If you are a community group or school and would like to engage with classical and contemporary dance,  then please get in touch to see when our next productions and rehearsals are scheduled.  We aim to incorporate engagement opportunities for young people and adults within our publicly funded productions. 
You can watch rehearsals to observe the roles of all of the creatives involved and see a production coming to life. You will get the opportunity to talk to dancers and creatives at the end of the rehearsal. 
If you subscribe to Tala’a Patreon account, you will also have options to access additional opportunities and one-off packages such as joining invite-only company classes while we are rehearsing productions. This will enable young dancers and their families to experience life as a professional dancer and develop an understanding of how the industry operates. You will also be able to access VIP tickets to performances through these additional packages. Please get in touch to find out more.
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No Time Like The Present - Tala Lee-Turton
Tala Lee-Turton No Time Like The Present