No Time Like The Present - Tala Lee-Turton


“It was the most beautiful, hypnotic and amazing dance performance I’ve ever seen. I have no background in dance … however , I sensed I was witnessing something amazing” – audience feedback.  

No Time Like The Present is a dance and music experience presented in the beautiful green spaces of South Yorkshire.

The production is one act ballet performed and created by a diverse team. Five dancers perform to a synth pop score composed specifically for the production, performed for 40 minutes without a break.

The production explores the female experience, portraying a selection of perspectives – some ordinary, some more specific – as a running narrative throughout the piece where each dancer has a solo between the intro and finale. The audience is invited to immerse themselves in the music, movement and surroundings!

No Time Like The Present - Tala Lee-Turton

The production premiered on the 19 – 21st and 26th – 28th August 2022 at Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham and 24th and 25th August in Sheffield Botanical Gardens at Dance in the Gardens:

Creative producer – Tala Lee-Turton

Choreographer – Zhongjing Fang

Artistic Adviser and Rehearsal Director – Katya Bourvis

Dancers – Tala Lee-Turton, Winnie Dias Pinto, Gabrielle De Souza Jacquet, Lowri Shone and Ena Yamaguchi.

Composer – Grace Stubbings

Costume design – Kira Fridericia

Costume co-designer and maker – Alice Ortona Coles

Creative photographer – Xenia Bakshinskaya

Tala Lee-Turton

Tala Lee-Turton

Creative Producer and Dancer

Zhongjing Fang


Katya Bourvis

Artistic Adviser and Rehearsal Director

Winnie Dias Pinto


Gabrielle De Souza Jacquet


Lowri Shone


Ena Yamaguchi


You can access the programme for No Time Like The Present here.


Check out South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority’s interview with Tala during the production run. 

Special thanks to Arts Council England, Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust, Sheffield Culture Consortium and private donors.