Three people walking in the dark on a street in a City. The person in the front is wearing a paper mache rabbit's head. One of the people behind is looking at the person in the rabbit's head, the other person looks straight ahead.


An audience co-created dance film, exploring the power of opinions to polarise and manipulate subjects. The film is an artistic data collection project, investigating the 21st Century rabbit hole of information overload and polemic points of view.

50 participants watched the film at five chronological stages of its development. Their views and opinions were incorporated into the soundtrack at each stage; the final version plays as the completed film’s soundtrack.

Co-creation process October 2020 – February 2021

Creative producer – Tala Lee-Turton

Director and choreographer – Rose Alice

Composer – Caitlin Laing

Stylist and MUA – Tara Clark

DOP – Jake Schule

Dancers – Tala Lee-Turton, Lowri Shone, Silvia Carradori

Special thanks to Goldsmiths College of London.

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