Final year character exam – Bolshoi Ballet Academy 2016

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April 20th 2016 and my state exams are completed!  As with all major life events, it seemed as if they were unavoidable and yet, at the same time, destined never to actually arrive.  And yet now I know the feeling of accomplishment, with just my academic exams to go before I become a full graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

I finished my set of state exams with character, in which we performed a barre followed by several different pieces showcasing everyone’s range in the class.  I was the soloist in the Hungarian dance and tarantella, while being part of other ensemble dancers such as the mazurka and gypsy dance – see the YouTube videos at the end of the post.

It was a very emotional moment when the exam had finished as out teacher, Tatiana Vitalyevna, congratulated us all. It is an end of an era and one that I will always value for the skills I have learned along the way.

YouTube link to my Tarantella:

YouTube link to other excerpts from the exam:

See more photos here.

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