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Accessibility Statement

We believe that everyone should be able to access and feel included in our productions and the stories we are telling. We evolve our practice as we learn from the experiences of our creatives and audiences.

This page contains information on how we are helping audiences access our work. We are working hard to ensure our work is inclusive and accessible. We also want you to be able to access information about us via our website as easily as possible. You can use the Accessibility Toolbar which features on each page to view the website in a format that most suits your needs.

For any events that we directly organise, as opposed to perform at a third party venue, we ensure that all our access information, detailed below, is followed.

For our productions performed at third party venues, we audit the venues’ access policies and information and ensure they adopt practices to support our accessibility statement and access information, detailed below.

Our Access Information

We ensure our marketing and PR activity is accessible and usable by people with various access needs. That way, you can assess if the event is going to be accessible to you. In order to support this, we:

· Ensure our digital marketing assets are compliant with international standards for the web and easily navigable by screen readers and optical aids.

· Provide an access page on our website and access toolbar.

· Provide access information, a route to ask questions, and a “book access provision” service. We provide accessible and usable information about ticket buying, travel and transport, wayfinding and access provision on-site and contact details for more information.

· Provide accessible and usable information about ticket buying, travel and transport, and access provision on-site, and contact details for more information.

· Ensure our digital and hard copy materials are Easy Read or easy-to-read and jargon-free.

We ensure the booking process is accessible and usable by people with a variety of access needs. In order to support this, we:

· Ensure the ticketing app is user friendly and timer-free. We also offer a telephone booking service for users that have difficulties accessing online ticketing apps.

· Offer everyone the opportunity to ask questions via the contact form on our website.

· Offer free companion tickets so a disabled audience member can be accompanied.

We provide accessible and usable transport and travel guidance for audience members. In order to support this, we:

· Provide accurate postcodes for entrances to venues and also use what3words

· Provide information on public transport, travel by car and taxi. We provide information on accessible parking and liaise on how this will be accessed/ managed. We provide information on how far the venue is from public transport, car and taxi drop offs.

We ensure users can navigate the event safely and conduct risk assessments for each site. We provide accessible and usable information about access around the event. In order to support this, we:

· Identify where there needs to be signage and/or stewards between the parking/bus stop and the performance space.

· Identify a separate identified area for disabled people who have mobility issues or make available bookable seating.

· Provide guidance for people with assistance dogs and have water/bowls available for dogs.

· Ensure clear signage to accessible toilets to and from the point of arrival and the performance space.

· Provide clear guidance on food and drink where some people will need access to water or to bring their own drinks and food with them for medical reasons.

· If for any need, the venue needs to be evacuated, we will provide clear guidance via the sound system and ensure people with access needs are guided from the venue by venue staff.

We ensure our audiences have as much information as possible about the show. We do this by:

· Providing information and images on our website about the performance concept and creatives involved.

· Providing a free of charge digital programme with information about the creative and production team, plus summary synopsis and themes of the production.

· Involving community groups and schools in outreach activity ahead of the performances and offer them a role in the prologues to broaden access to dance productions.

· Offering Insight and Photographer Development days to dancers, dance lovers, photographers of dance to help them build their knowledge of live performance productions.

· Including professionally facilitated Q&A sessions following each of our performances. A selection of creatives are involved to enable audiences to understand life as a professional in the creative industries, such as their training, their involvement in devising the work and their lived experience.

· Using social media to build awareness of our productions and provide behind the scenes images and information to develop understanding.

· Using advanced technologies to ensure audiences experience as full an impact of the visual and sound aspects of our productions as possible.

· We are exploring including sign language interpreters, captions and audio description in presenting and enhancing understand of our work.

· We can provide access to recorded versions of some of our productions for those unable to attend in person.

We want to continuously improve what we do and how we do it. We, therefore, invite all our creatives and audience members to feed back. We do this in a number of ways:

· Send a digital survey to all audience members through the ticketing app.

· Invite views via the Q&A session at each performance and by inviting audience members for their views as they leave the performance. These will be recorded and/or filmed with permission of the interviewee.

· e mail any audience members that have access needs to invite them for their views on their specific experience.

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Changes to our access for all policy

Our access for all policy was last updated in July 2023.

Any changes to our access for all policy will be posted to our website and, where appropriate, through e mail notification.


If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding this access for all policy, please contact us at


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